How to Manifest Your Intentions With Reiki

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Manifestation is all about calling something into your life through your energetic actions. And, Reiki is all about tapping into universal life force energy and channeling those vibrations for your highest good — or the highest good of others. Because both practices are energetic by nature, they are a great combination for not only setting intentions but bringing those intentions to fruition.

When manifesting, you are setting the intention to bring something on your heart into existence. But, manifestation isn’t just about wishing or willing something into existence. It’s about your choices, actions, and your attention, and how you align those with the results you seek — it’s about your energy.

Whether we are attuned to the practice or not, we all have the ability to tap into Reiki energy. The reason for this is that we are energetic beings with the power to connect and disconnect our personal frequencies. We can connect to ourselves, other people, nature, animals, and our desires. And, by connecting to those desires, we set an energetic intention that has the ability to manifest into reality.

How to Manifest Your Intentions

For those new to it, learning how to manifest can be daunting at first — especially since our ego-mind can exist in a perpetual state of control. Manifestation is actually quite simple. In fact, many do it unknowingly for both good and bad outcomes. With that said, being mindful of what intentions you wish to call into your life can help you get clearer and more aligned on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Here’s how to tap into Reiki energy to manifest your intentions.

Step One: Write It Down

The first step in manifesting an intention (or intentions, if you have more than one) is to set your intention. To do this, start by journaling about your intention. Allow yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes to get it all out on the page and don’t worry about what actually comes up. This is all about getting in the flow and free writing from the heart.

Once you’re done journaling, review what you wrote down, and then close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Think about what is on your heart and on the page and get clear on exactly what your intention is. When you have it, grab a separate sheet of paper or a notecard and write down your intention. This should be specific and clear — about one or two sentences long.

Step Two: Ignite Your Intention

Once you write your intention down, place the paper or notecard in front of you. Light a candle to invite the energy of ignition into your Reiki manifestation and place the candle on top of your handwritten intention.

Step Three: Purify Your Energy

Close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. On each exhale, imagine that you are releasing what no longer serves you. And, on each inhale, fill yourself up with the energy of your breath. With your eyes still closed, imagine a small white light at the top of your Crown. Then, imagine that light begins to grow outward and begins to move down, past your forehead, over your nose and mouse, across your throat, down your chest and over your heart, across your Solar Plexus, and down to your Root. The light then moves across your thighs and wraps around your knees, your shins and calves, and your ankles. It then wraps around your feet and reaches your toes until your whole body is sitting under this visualized white light. Imagine that this light has a purifying effect as it creates a blank canvas for your energy.

Allow yourself to sit in this light for a few minutes. When you feel ready, bring your hands to your chest in prayer.

Step Four: Infuse Your Intention

With your hands in prayer, say your intention in your head or out loud. Then, begin to tap into the feeling of your own energy, drawing attention to your palms. Imagine that your palms begin to glow with a warm yellow light. Once you see and feel this light, raise your hands with your palms facing the candle and your handwritten intention. Envision the light from your palms infusing with your intention as you make a commitment to align your actions, choices, and attention with what you intend to call into your life. In your head or out loud, ask that the energy in your palms infuses with your intention for your highest good.

Keep your palms here for as long as you feel you need to. You will know when it is time to close out the infusion.

Step Five: Gratitude

Bring your hands in prayer at your heart center and take a moment to express your gratitude — for your intention, the energy you harnessed in your manifestation ritual, and for your ability to call on your heart’s greatest desires.

When you have completed this Reiki ritual, you can place your handwritten intention on your altar or some place sacred in your home. Or, you can also plant it in the ground as if it is a seed that will sprout and bloom.

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