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Care for Feminine Itching



Can feminine itching be caused by menopause? Also, is there anything that can be done to relieve it or make it go away completely?

Thank you,


Hi Maria,
Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, feminine itching is a common symptom that can appear after menopause because of the lack of estrogen to the tissues, and drying out of the tissues. It can be temporary, but at times, it can also last for years. The first thing is to have an examination by a physician to be sure that there is no infection or something else that needs to be treated. If no other problems are present, then there are several things you can try. You can apply sesame oil to the tissues to provide moisture and help with itching that may be from dryness. The oil can even be inserted vaginally. To relieve the tissues of the absence of estrogen, you can take the herb shatavari, or wild yam, which provide hormone-like chemicals to your body without the risk of hormones.

You may need to work with a holistic health provider in your area for more specific recommendations. If these approaches don’t provide relief, there are also medications that can help (depending on your specific condition), which you would need to discuss with your health care provider.

Best wishes,
Sheila Patel, M.D.