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5 Unique Things You Missed If You Weren’t at Our Women’s Retreat

woman smiling

Did you miss the inaugural Women’s Retreat? Check out the highlights to get a sense for the connection, learning, and transformation that took place.

1. A Sacred, Inspiring, Uplifting Community

We danced, hugged, and shared deeply personal stories and aspirations for our lives. At times we laughed, other times we cried, and by the end of the three-day retreat, we felt more empowered, connected, and full of life purpose.

woman connecting to another person
women having fun

2. A Chance to Reconnect to Your Inner Child—and Finger Paint!

After meditation, we were reminded of what it was like to be young again. Children experience a place without self-judgment; they are full of love, acceptance, and wonder. At the Women’s Retreat, we worked in small groups to finger paint individual squares that was pieced together to create the flower of life symbol, showing how powerful and creative we are when we come together.

people painting
finger painting

3. An Opportunity to Engage with Thoughtful and Powerful Speakers

Throughout the weekend, we had incredible speakers sharing their wisdom. One highlight was international speaker and author Byron Katie who took us through her process of self inquiry called, The Work. Through this process, we were able to trace unhappiness to the source, and work through it from there in her step-by-step process.

International speaker and acclaimed author, Dr. Shefali Tsabary took the stage and shared how we can awaken to a new self as a conscious woman.

Mallika Chopra shared her somewhat messy journey to living a life of intent, and how we can all take steps to do this even in what may seem like our ordinary lives. She also shared vulnerably about what it’s like being Deepak Chopra’s daughter.

women speaking on stage
woman speaking on stage

4. Daily Shakti Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxation

Each day we started with Shakti yoga outside at the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. We were able to start the morning on a positive note by committing to a day of high vibrations, love, and compassion for one another.

Meditations were centered around enlivening the goddess energies of abundance, beauty, grace and joy.

yoga at the chopra center
yoga poses at the chopra center

5. A Sense of Oneness, Community, and Love

Throughout the entire Women’s Retreat, we were connected with one another. We were able to break down walls, barriers, and self-limiting beliefs and support one another in the community of sisterhood we created. Most importantly, we are leaving with life-long friends and lessons that will carry us forward.

Women dancing

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