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Hoy comenzamos nuestra nueva experiencia de meditación de 21 días, "Renuévate: cuerpo, mente y espíritu" con nuestro fundador, Deepak Chopra, y J Balvin, el artista ganador del Latin Grammy.Read More
Today we kick off our new 21-day meditation experience “Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit” with our founder, Deepak Chopra, and Latin Grammy award-winning artist J Balvin.Read More
Querida comunidad de Chopra, A medida que la humanidad se encuentra en un momento de transformación, cada uno de no-sotros tiene el desafío de ir más allá de las creencias antiguas y los patrones limitantes. Juntos, nos estamos movilizando para obtener urgentemente justicia social, pero el mero...Read More
Dear Chopra Community, As humanity undergoes a transformation, we are each being challenged to move beyond outdated, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Together, we are mobilizing to urgently pursue social justice, yet the mere act of social gathering threatens our physical health. Many are hurting,...Read More
Cultivating compassion can help you stay present with the suffering you’re facing each day—without getting overwhelmed. Here are three meditations to help you strengthen your compassion muscles so you’re prepared to meet the suffering you witness.Read More
How is it possible to practice compassion toward people who frustrate you, who have nothing in common with you, or who do so much harm in the world? Here are four techniques you can try.Read More
Meditation can not only improve your mental health, but it builds resilience to help solve problems. Here are seven ways meditation benefits your mental health.Read More
The rise of COVID-19 may be leading you to rethink your place in the world. Explore this six-part ritual to help you think about how you can serve, and what you are here for.Read More
Originally published by SF Gate. Crises call for action, and the COVID-19 crisis has triggered global action, much of it motivated by alarm, fear, and the dread of uncertainty. But what about the individual person who feels afraid and uncertain? I’d like to propose an answer based on the silent...Read More