4 Meditation Practices for Joy and Gratitude with GT's KOMBUCHA

Sah D'Simone and Sahara Rose GT's Kombucha promo
Sah D'Simone and Sahara Rose GT's Kombucha promo

Chopra Global has teamed up with GT's SYNERGY raw kombucha, a brand who shares our mission for making health & happiness accessible to all, to bring you four practices for joy and gratitude. Join best-selling author and podcast host, Sahara Rose along with spiritual guide, meditation teacher, and author Sah D'Simone for this Meditation and Self-Care Video Series to support your well-being.

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Pay It Forward: Gratitude Journaling Exercise with Sahara Rose

Want to strengthen your relationships, improve your health, and set yourself up for a peaceful holiday season? Watch this video from Sahara Rose to learn how our unique mind-body types can help us amp up our self-love and connection with others.

Gratitude in Motion: Mantra and Movement Practice with Sah D'Simone

Let’s move our bodies to get gratitude flowing. Watch this video to join Sah D’Simone in a movement that will help you remember all the people, blessings, and even challenges you are thankful for.

Morning Meditation in Mother Nature with Sahara Rose

Set yourself up for a fulfilling day with this self-inquiry practice led by Sahara Rose. If you're feeling anxious or out of balance, watch this video for a grounding meditation to connect with your inner calm, peace and purpose.

Grounding Dancing Practice with Sah D'Simone

Inhale self-love and dance for joy with Sah D’Simone in this grounding movement practice that will help us all tune into our own inner light.