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Summer isn't just about backyard barbecues and vacation. The season is an ideal time to revitalize your body with outdoor observation and meditation, and activities. Here are 10 suggestions to get you started.Read More
Worrying comes easily (and often) to many of us. But worrying is worrisome: it causes stress and we all know stress can kill you. Here are 10 things you have permission to stop worrying about.Read More
Gardening is a great way to not only consciously grow your own food, but also deepen your consciousness. Here are some tips designed to open your gardening experience to new heights of awareness.Read More
The student is not the only one who benefits from teaching; as a teacher, you have the opportunity to expand and refine yourself. Check out these seven ways teaching can promote self-development and transformation.Read More
Traveling can be very exciting, but it also comes with unpredictable aspects that can put your body out of balance. Integrate these Ayurvedic tips in your travels to help make your vacation smooth and keep your doshas balanced.Read More
If anyone in your life is exploiting your courtesy and goodwill, it's time you learned how to stand up for yourself. It requires the courage to know and follow your own truth, while also staying transparent, authentic, and open. Here are some tips.Read More
If you need some motivation to get outside each day for some fresh air and sunshine, check out these five health benefits that you can gain from spending time in the outdoors.Read More
There's no specific medical disorder called burnout, but every doctor knows that prolonged stress has negative consequences. Find out the several levels of burnout to discover where you might fall—and learn five important pieces of advice to restore the balance you need.Read More