16 Signs You Need to Go on a Yoga and Meditation Retreat

06/13/2014 Yoga Meditation Personal Growth Yoga

If any of these sound like you, it might be time for a relaxing getaway …

If any of these sound like you, it might be time for a relaxing getaway …


1. You have said “I’m too busy” in the last week at least 10 times (this goes for saying it loud, under your breath, or silently in your mind)


2. You recently caught yourself yelling at inanimate objects


3. You start referring to yourself in the third person, (ie: “Gordon, you really should …”) 

Person looking at themselves in mirror


4. You haven’t taken a vacation in … well, you actually can’t remember the last time you got went on vacation 



5. You assume the person in this photo is putting together their to-do lists

woman meditating outdoors


6. You’ve been to yoga a few times, but can’t remember the poses. And you find yourself saying “I wish I knew more about yoga”

woman doing yoga


7. You forgot your own birthday this year

man with a birthday hat sad


8. You haven’t said something nice to anyone in weeks

man upset in car


9. You’re tired of hitting the snooze button every morning … 10 times

woman hitting snooze


10. The thought of doing yoga, meditating, and eating healthy food for a week makes your heart smile

woman doing yoga


11. This looks peaceful to you

woman meditating


12. You love yoga and meditation, but you’ve never been on a retreat



13. Your response to this photo is “I could never do that, how the heck are they sitting so still?”

suprised kid


14. You’re looking for some new friends and meaningful connections

group of people hugging


15. You’re looking for purpose, passion, or big change



16. You complain you have no time for yourself

man head on desk

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