14 Embarrassing Yoga Moments


We go to yoga class to find our sense of Zen, to expand our bodies and minds, to release tension and stress. Once in a while, though, we walk off of our mats with a good laugh and an ounce of embarrassment, too.

Yogis and yoginis spoke up and spilled their most embarrassing moments on the mat, and we thought we would share a list that made us laugh out loud. Take a deep breath and get ready to giggle …


“When I was in Prasarita Padottonasana Variation C, with bound arms overhead, and I realized my hands were up someone’s butt.” ~Meghan D.

“I realized the value of good quality pants when my cheapos ripped at the crotch ... and I don't wear undies! Good thing it was the end of the class.” ~Simone R.

“The time I lifted my leg up in three-legged down dog and kicked someone behind me in the face … right at the beginning of class. Trying to get back to present moment after that was difficult.” ~Dallas B.

“When I was totally blissed out in plow pose toward the end of class, and let out … a giant … Fart!” ~Rick E.

“When I rolled out my yoga mat to start my practice, only to realize that there was a lump in my spandex. Class was about to begin. I pulled the lump out to find a thong that soared onto my neighbor’s mat.” ~Sarah M.

“When I smelled really bad B.O. and it distracted me throughout the class ... and then when I came into extended triangle, I realized it was coming from me.” ~George H.

"The first time I had the guts to wear yoga shorts to a Bikram class the instructor singled me out to tell me how cute they looked on me. It lasted about 30 seconds and my face NEVER felt so hot in a hot yoga class." ~Dave V.

“I was totally blissed out at the end of yoga, so much that I forgot what I was doing, lost my focus, and fell over, ending up sideways on my mat, with my neighbor staring at me.” ~Katie R.

“When I was winding down from a practice in a packed class, and realized my pants were completely see-through, and then the realization that I had shown my booty to 45 other students trying to find their inner peace.” ~Gabby M.

“When you make a big deal about wanting to practice next to your friend, who is on their way, and ask someone to move their mat over. Your friend never shows up.” ~Melanie W.

“I went to a yoga class last week, and discovered a hole in the most perfectly wrong place (crotch) at the beginning of class … I should have left, but I didn’t. I just hoped no one else noticed.” ~Charlotte S.

“I taught an entire class with my pants inside out, which drew nice attention to my Mula Bandha.” ~Alexa Z.

“This one has happened to me dozens of times: When I go to a hot yoga class right after work, and realize after class that everyone is staring at me. Then I look in the mirror and find my mascara has covered my face. Scary.” ~Cindy T.

“One time I forgot my yoga gear, so I put on a pair of older yoga pants that were in my car and went to class. Then I sat down as class was about to begin, and noticed how cold it felt under me, only to realize I had a large hole in my yoga pants in the wrong place. A LARGE hole. No wonder I hadn’t worn those pants in a long time.” ~Teresa C.


If you’re prone to finding yourself in embarrassing yoga moments often, consider finding a studio without mirrors … it may help you tune in deeper to your inner world and focus less on appearance ... and less on the embarrassing moments when they arise.


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