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Crystal Healing Grid
Mind-Body Health

A Soothing Crystal & Candle Grid Ritual to Seal Your Intentions

If you’re one of the many seekers that enjoys creating intentions, practicing mindful rituals and contemplating, you’ll enjoy this candle and crystal ritual to start your New Year off with uplifted spirits. Creating intentions helps us to find clarity before taking action, so that our thoughts, behaviors, and endeavors can be more aligned with our purpose.

Parita Shah
Woman in seated meditation facing a pristine mountain lake

Dosha Dreaming: Intention Setting According to Your Dosha

It’s that time again, when we are collectively dreaming about a new year and all the fascinating possibilities it could bring. Intention setting around the start of a year is a powerful tradition that actually dates back to ancient Babylon (~2000 BC). In those days intentions were most likely about pleasing the Gods. Presently, there is still a spiritual thread woven through many people’s intentions. With so many challenging things happening in our world, it’s helpful to feel connected to something sacred.

Kayse Budd, M.D.
New Year's Intention Candle | Photo by Jessie Quinn

How to Create a New Year’s Intention Candle

In many ways, New Year’s resolutions are ritualistic. They invite us to get grounded and go inward to ask ourselves what it is we want to call into our lives, plus what healthy habits or practices we might use to do so. With 2022 right around the corner, many of us might be experiencing a more reflective state of mind and gearing up to set some intentions for what’s to come in the new year. No matter what you wish to call in, intention candles can help amplify the energy of your New Year’s intentions.

Jessie Quinn
Smiling woman with hands together at her heart sitting outdoors
Personal Growth

Welcome the New Year with Intention

2021 has certainly been an unusual year. May Divine Love and Light be with those whose year was a struggle and with those who found new hope. As we move into 2022, whatever your experiences, now it is time to let go of the past and explore the adventures that lie ahead. Times of transition give us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, perhaps making any necessary adjustments to realign with our spiritual goals.

Roger Gabriel
Thoughtful woman having coffee in cottage
Personal Growth

Crear Calma en la Tormenta: Usar la Rutina Para Priorizar lo que Más Importa

Es común en esta época del año sentirse atraído en demasiadas direcciones, ansiando estabilidad en medio del caos. El fin de año es una época en la que apegarse a una rutina puede ayudarnos a sentirnos más arraigados, presentes a las alegrías de la vida y plenamente vivos. Las rutinas y los horarios son antídotos contra los efectos de las cualidades aireadas de Vata que dominan esta temporada.

Heidi Spear
Woman with hands together in sunlight
Mind-Body Health

Finding Gratitude Through Grief

The journal was sturdy and thick with a long, brown silky ribbon for a bookmark. Its pages boasted inspirational quotes I had never heard of before (“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings” – Eric Hoffer) and provided space for the eye to breathe. The font was modern, blue, cute. And on its sturdy fluorescent orange cover, it hollered “Okay Fine, I’m Grateful!”

Charlotte Winters
Vegan gluten-free waffles with cranberry chutney
Nutrition & Recipes

Holiday Recipes: Vegan Waffles with Cranberry Chutney for Cozy Mornings

Breakfast is quite possibly my favorite meal of the day. I enjoy the calm and peacefulness of the early morning hours. It is a time of the day in which I enjoy writing, and feel creatively inspired. I often wake before the sun rises, and like to ease into the day. While we have our usual go-to breakfasts, it’s also fun to venture outside of those from time to time. For us, this usually means waffles.

April Duckworth