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Shot of a group of young men and women meditating in the lotus position during a yoga session

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Close up of meditation in park at sunrise.

Embrace the Power of Nurturing Yourself

We’re faced, every day, with stress, anxiety, and an overwhelming amount of stimuli. Our bodies, our minds, and our spirits absorb each of our experiences and store all of them in some capacity. With so much tension being held in our space, the commitment to engage in daily practices rooted in compassion, love, tenderness, and gratitude can be pivotal parts of our healing.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)
Woman meditating at home.

¿Con Qué Frecuencia Deberías Meditar?

Naciste completo, puro y perfecto desde el momento en que respiraste por primera vez. Viniste a este mundo completamente inocente, curioso y lleno de emoción, y con el paso de los años, capas y capas de experiencia te llevaron a tu condicionamiento. Desarrollaste valores, personajes y creencias fundamentales que comenzaron a moldearte en la persona que eres hoy, al menos, la persona que crees que eres hoy.

Tris Thorp
Two people smiling together on a park bench

Ask Dr. Sheila: Ayurvedic Stages of Life and Menopause

Every month, Dr. Sheila, Chopra’s Chief Medical Officer will be answering questions from our followers. If you have a general question for her around health and wellness, please send us an email to, and your question may be the one she answers next month. This month, Dr. Sheila answers a question about the seasons of life and how they connect with Ayurveda and the doshas.

Dr. Sheila Patel
Back of person overlooking mountain view with fall leaves

Practices for Steadiness and Presence

In the same way that we see leaves fall away from the trees, this season is the time for us to shed some of the clutter we’ve picked up over the course of this past year. We’re well into Vata season by now and this airy energy tends to leave us feeling as if we are a part of the fallen leaves, drifting in the wind. Both fortunately and unfortunately, this feeling is completely normal. If you’re experiencing anything that feels overwhelming or ungrounding, you are not alone.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)