Kids Meditation App: My Light Shines Bright

Just by turning your attention inward, you can access wonderful qualities like peace, creativity, and joy. When you practice turning your attention inward through meditation, you gain access to your greater self and nothing you dream of is out of reach.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share this powerful practice with children? Now you can.

In the Chopra Center’s expertly designed Ananda Kids Guided Meditation App, children experience the benefits of a loving journey of self-discovery that reconnects them to their inner voice, sense of joy, and innate talents and abilities. They will learn that they are here to share their unique gifts—to let their light shine bright!

Children who develop this strong inner foundation, and a practice they can always depend on, grow up knowing and practicing love, compassion, and empathy as their natural way of life.

Sharing these ancient yet practical techniques with our children can help them to restore peace and balance, no matter what is going on in their lives. When parents promote some time for silence, children learn to go “inside” to access their own source of peace and inspiration when faced with problems and challenges.

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