21-Day Meditation

Divine Feminine Energy from an Indigenous Perspective
In many Indigenous traditions, and specifically the Q’ero lineage that I am honored to work with, medicine people describe spiritual energy in the form of feminine and masculine. We view feminine and masculine, not merely at the human level of gender, but beyond it, as spiritual energies that we all must encompass to be in harmony and balance with self and all of creation.

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Personal Growth

Embodying the Divine Feminine Archetypes In Your Life

I grew up in a home where we learned a lot about Hindu mythology. It seemed there were an endless number of gods and goddesses and it was easy to get caught up in a literal interpretation of their stories. In all honesty, it never really resonated with me. In my analytical mind, I never connected to the idea that worshipping a particular form would somehow bring things into my life. And the representations seemed flat and simplistic. Were these actual beings? What did it mean that Saraswati was the goddess of knowledge? And couldn’t I have knowledge without making an offering to her? I didn’t know how this all fit into my life.

Dr. Sheila Patel
Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys on the Divine Feminine

My consistent spiritual practice began about six years ago, after I gave birth to my son Genesis. Like so many new moms I was exhausted, but the depletion was more than physiological; my spirit was shot. I needed to do something so I could continue to be a good mother to my children, partner to my husband, and friend to myself. My homegirl Erika suggested a Kundalini yoga and meditation retreat. She explained that kundalini energy rests in the base of your spine, and this practice would help creative, healing Divine Feminine energy rise through my body. Well – okay!

Alicia Keys